Amonashvili workshop. The art of preschool education

27 October 2019, Sun. 10:00
DK Polytech (ONPU) Odesa, Prospect Shevchenko, 1 a
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR

About event

Dear friends!

We invite you to a meeting with teachers who will completely change your idea of pedagogy and parenting!

Shalva Aleksandrovich Amonashvili - founder of Humane Pedagogy, doctor of psychological sciences, professor, academician, head of the International Center for Humane Pedagogy, author of more than 80 books on parenting.

Paata Shalvovich Amonashvili - son of the Great Teacher, president of the International Center for Humane Pedagogy, doctor of psychological sciences, director and supervisor of the children's art studio Basti-Bubu.

Seminar Topics:

How to learn to love a child unconditionally, not authoritarian
How is development different from learning? And what is education? And why is it so important to distinguish
At what age and how to create a better environment for the development of the abilities of each child?
How to educate a noble and generous Man who follows his mission?

This meeting will be a turning point in your fate and the fate of your children. We are waiting for everyone who wants to build a reliable bridge of trust and understanding with their child. The seminar "The Art of Preschool Education" will be of interest to everyone involved in raising a child: couples, caregivers, nannies, grandmothers, as well as those who are just planning to become a parent.

This knowledge is priceless, as is the fate of the Child!

The seminar will be held on October 27, 2019 from 10:00 to 17:00 in the Palace of Culture of the Polytechnic University, at the address: 1-a Shevchenko Ave.

A lunch is organized for all participants (included in the price of tickets).

It is possible to obtain a certificate.

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