28 August 2018, Tue. 19:00
Green Theater Kyiv, Park Road, 2
from 17.27 EUR
from 17.27 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to Shame concert?

1. An unbridled punk of the rebels from the very heart of England
2. Capture the public from their greek and loud live performances
3. Concert from Selector Live, which introduces to Ukraine the most topical British musicians since 2013

London post-punk band Shame will present its debut album in Kyiv within the framework of the Selector Live concert series.

Shame's "Songs of Praise" debut album came out only in January this year, but they have already earned the status of one of the most exciting and engaging British live-bands in the UK. Kiev will be able to see this already on August 28.

The European media in one voice call Shame saviors of punk, although the group itself in its texts rather ironically expresses their concern, but quite soberly assesses their chances for further success.

The title of the album Songs of Praise is also the name of one of the oldest Sunday shows on the Air Force, which every Sunday fills the British living room with sounds of church choral singing. Let's see how "Songs of Praise" by the Shame group will be able to make bold post-punk hymns into our usual routine.