CHARLOTTE: Tri-color Performance with Music

25 June 2019, Tue. 19:00
Kiev Drama Theater in Podil Kyiv, Andreevsky Descent, 20-B
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from 6.06 EUR
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About event

CHARLOTTE: A three-color performance with music is an ambitious, flexible genre of musical theater.

In the "Singspiel" presented a diverse corpse, consisting of 11 actors, singers, musicians, with experience in opera, indie music, cabaret and theater.

In 2018, interest in Charlotte Salomon broke out on the main pages: The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Economist. The Taschen and Duckworth Overlook Publishers published an English translation of the French novel Charlotte and a critique of Charlotte Salomon and the Theater of Memory. A retrospective exhibition of works titled “Life or Theater?” Was held at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam.

CHARLOTTE is based on the life and art of Charlotte Salomon, a Jewish artist who grew up in Berlin during the rise of Nazism, and under the shadow of a family tragedy. Charlotte Salomon was a playwright without a stage, a writer of graphic novels. She was a young woman who tried to establish her voice and confirm her existence. She painted about 800 gouache paintings between 1941 and 1942, hiding from the Nazis in southern France.

She rethought her life as a “Singspiel” with a dialogue, musical compositions and vivid, lively images. Before her deportation to Auschwitz, at the age of 26, carrying a child in her bosom, she handed over pictures to a local doctor with the message: “Take care of him ... this is my whole life.”

In June 2017, 100 years after the birth of Charlotte Salomon, the Singspiel was opened at the Luminato Festival in Toronto and at the World Stage Design Design Exhibition in Taipei. The performance was very timely. Charlotte's artistic response to captivity and oppression, her understanding of integrity, while the world around her is falling apart, inspires many people in the present.

Its history is a reminder that the mechanisms of democracy does not prevent fascism, and artistic expression stands up to tyranny.