Happiness is near

28 September 2018, Fri. 19:00
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Is there love - so that without any clouds? Is hatred - so that at all without regret? And what to expect, if such love and hatred are met in an uncompromising battle?

A woman dreams of happiness with her lover. A man dreams of happiness in a family. And there is another person. And when three came together - apparently, the air would blow up ...

It's about the difficult human destinies - do you find guilty in the fact that they are, these fates ...

According to the play "Stolen Happiness", the classic of national literature of Ivan Franko, "The Happiness near", created the classic of the contemporary national theater director Dmitry Bogomazov. And so she embodied her on stage three distinguished favorites of the Odessa theaters - Honored Artists of Ukraine Olga Petrovskaya, Yakov Kucherevsky and Igor Gerashchenko that the creative team of Vasilkovists was recognized as the winner of the All-Ukrainian Festival "Ukrainian-language of unity".