4 October 2018, Thu. 19:00
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Wedding! And the guests are more and more, and one of them is not only unfamiliar to others, but also unexpected. Not to mention the fact that in general unbidden ...

Feelings - like flowers in the field after the rain. The intrigue is such a heap that in the palaces of the eastern sultans would be envied. Love - ... what is love? Without love in general, life is not life, and peace is not peace.

Or is it not mysticism? - Yes, mysticism. In addition, even a purely comedic.

Therefore, the events are incredible. Therefore, the finale is unpredictable for anyone (except, of course, visited the mystical comedy "The Innkeeper" set by our patriarch and coryphaeus Igor Ravitsky, as well as for almost the whole theater company, which enjoys the opportunity to show itself to spectators in all their brilliance and skill ).