What happened in the zoo

23 November 2018, Fri. 19:30
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from 2.12 EUR
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Why is it worth going to the play "What happened in the zoo"?

1. Breathlessly watch the brilliant play of actors.
2. To see the unusual staging of the play by an outstanding American playwright.
3. To find out what happened in the zoo after all?

"What happened in the zoo" is the first play written by Edward Albee, an American playwright.

A brilliant beginning of a writer's career was laid in just one night - that's how much it took to write a work. By the way, only a lonely person can be able to create so quickly in the search for the meaning of his existence. So the play was a kind of a playwright's cry for help.

What is the plot of the play? There are two main characters - Peter and Jerry. They accidentally get to know the nearby zoo. Strange, but this is what causes the real fateful event in their lives. Heroes belong to different social strata, lead a different way of life, have a different worldview ... They even live far from each other. But Peter and Jerry are equally defenseless before the challenges of society and time.

How will they overcome their problems? And what happened in the zoo? Come to the play - and the intrigue will be revealed.

The director of the production is Olga Gavrilyuk. Cast: Yuri Yakovlev, Vyacheslav Nikolenko, Eugene Ovcharov.

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What happened in the zoo

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