Notes of the Young Doctor 12+

27 March 2020, Fri. 19:00
Kiev Drama Theater in Podil Kyiv, Andreevsky Descent, 20-B
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from 1.67 EUR
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About event

Notes of a young doctor 12+ in Kiev! We are waiting for you 2020-03-27 at 19:00 on the site of the Kiev Drama Theater on Podol, Kiev.
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Why is it worth going to the play “Notes of a Young Doctor”?

1. To get acquainted with the work of M. A. Bulgakov.
2. Feel the danger of a world of illusions.
3. Thanks to the brilliant play of the actors, immerse themselves in another reality.

The performance of the Theater on Podil is based on the cycle of short stories by M. A. Bulgakov, “Notes of a Young Doctor”. In them, the writer depicted in a somewhat modified form those real cases that occurred in his medical practice.

The genre of the production is “mournful list” or “medical history”. Dr. Bomgart falls into the hands of his comrade's diary. In it, Polyakov describes the torment of a man who was captured by morphine. Sergei Polyakov is also a doctor, with which he is an excellent specialist. The whole trouble is that he is a person of a fine mental organization, and therefore could not cope with personal pain. My beloved wife left Polyakov. And now the whole existence of the doctor is filled only with ghostly memories of the departed wife.

Sergei Polyakov runs away from reality, plunging into the world of drugs. However, is it possible to hide from your pain somewhere? Is there any other reality in this world? And most importantly - does a person remember that retribution for illusions is inevitable?

The director and production designer is Vitaly Malakhov.

The production is in Russian.
Duration - 120 minutes (without intermission).

Be sure to come see this powerful work!