7 June 2019, Fri. 19:00
from 19.97 EUR
from 19.97 EUR

About event

Why should you go to Shortparis concert?

1. Group and music that are not amenable to classification.
2. The unique live performance of the group focused on the experiment.
3. Before you unfold the performative practice of modern art.

Shortparis is an indie band from St. Petersburg that was founded 7 years ago. During this time they managed to stand out against the background of other teams. The guys are fascinated by their paradox, which is difficult to convey in words, to describe in some genre or comparisons.

The group embodies the postmodern music, transporting the public to the world of ritual experience. After all, if you have heard Shortparis at least once, you will not forget their original sound. The lyrics and music of the group are a clash of opposing aesthetic coordinates and a polyphony of cultures.

Separately, it should be said about their striking live performances. Here, the desire for experiment is fully realized. Therefore, probably, Shortparis so often appear on unprepared sites. It can be either an abandoned industrial facility or an active market. The unusual manner of Shortparis has long attracted attention, including foreign music critics. The team opened concerts of world-class bands: The Kooks, Lebanon Hanover, Alt-J and Easter.

John Doran, head of the publication The Quietus, described the group as "ambitious, incredibly pretentious, pompous, exciting, erotic, vaguely deviant." According to him, they are full of revolutionary potential.

June 8, you can see for yourself all these characteristics. Waiting for you!

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