Soap bubbles show

16 February 2019, Sat. 13:00
Chamber stage of the Millennium Theater Kiev, Prospect Grigorenka 26a (m. Poznyaki)
from 5.45 EUR
from 5.45 EUR
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About event

Why go to the "Bubble Show"?

1. Give your child an exciting adventure in the world of Bubble.
2. To return to childhood.
3. Find out how durable the helmet is from bubbles.

The Kiev Millennium Theater presents the "Bubble Show".

Tired of making fun for kids? Soap bubbles are absolutely a win-win. Your kids "stick" for a long time! Yes, and you will not stay away from the fun entertainment that offers show bubbles.

So, the program for kids includes a lot of exciting tricks with soap bubbles: “smoky” bubbles, “fiery” bubbles, small bubbles inside a huge, real soap cake (just don't let children eat it - it's beautiful, but inedible!) Parade on Puzyrlyandski and even fireworks from thousands of bubbles!

The guests will be entertained by a big and slightly awkward, but very sweet and kind Mr. Kuks Mucks, a resident of the amazing Bubblyland.

Each volunteer will receive a special bubble helmet and sleeve, while the bravest will get inside a giant bubble whose length is as much as 5 meters.

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Soap bubbles show

16 February 2019 15:00

Chamber stage of the Millennium Theater, Kyiv

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