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Сhristmas Jazz Songs — Aniko Dolidze Sextet

23 December 2022, Fri. 19:00
Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv, б-р Т. Шевченко, 5-7/29
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from 11.95 EUR
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Сhristmas Jazz Songs — Aniko Dolidze Sextet in Kyiv - photo #2 shristmas-jazz-songs-aniko-dolidze-sextet-01_premier-palace-hotel_231220221900_677
Aniko Dolidze shristmas-jazz-songs-aniko-dolidze-sextet-01_premier-palace-hotel_231220221900_61
Aniko Dolidze shristmas-jazz-songs-aniko-dolidze-sextet-01_premier-palace-hotel_231220221900_424
Aniko Dolidze shristmas-jazz-songs-aniko-dolidze-sextet-01_premier-palace-hotel_231220221900_25
Сhristmas Jazz Songs — Aniko Dolidze Sextet in Kyiv - photo #6 shristmas-jazz-songs-aniko-dolidze-sextet-01_premier-palace-hotel_231220221900_352
Сhristmas Jazz Songs — Aniko Dolidze Sextet in Kyiv - photo #7 shristmas-jazz-songs-aniko-dolidze-sextet-01_premier-palace-hotel_231220221900_742
Сhristmas Jazz Songs — Aniko Dolidze Sextet in Kyiv - photo #8 shristmas-jazz-songs-aniko-dolidze-sextet-01_premier-palace-hotel_231220221900_606
Сhristmas Jazz Songs — Aniko Dolidze Sextet in Kyiv - photo #9 shristmas-jazz-songs-aniko-dolidze-sextet-01_premier-palace-hotel_231220221900_681

About event

Сhristmas Jazz Songs — Aniko Dolidze Sextet in Kyiv is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2022-12-23 в 19:00 on the Premier Palace Hotel, Kyiv.
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Christmas time is very close! Every year, the winter holidays are an absolutely magical time when people gather with their families, create an atmosphere of coziness and peace in their homes, and most importantly, make their most intimate wishes that must come true. We invite you to enjoy this atmosphere together and listen to an amazing program of Christmas Jazz Songs by Aniko Dolidze and a sextet of the most professional jazz musicians of Kyiv. This evening you have the opportunity to hear famous Christmas carols in classic swing arrangements, as well as the hits of the Glen Miller Orchestra from the award-winning film "Sunny Valley Serenade", which have become symbols of the New Year and Christmas.

To fully feel the true spirit of Christmas and to enjoy the joyful anticipation of something incredible, music helps like nothing else, because the season of winter holidays traditionally has its own special musical design. The long-known and beloved " A Christmas Song", "Jingle bells", "I'll be home for Christmas", "Santa Claus is coming to town" are heard from everywhere, while in the pre-holiday bustle we choose gifts, finish last year's affairs, have time to congratulate loved ones and make our most intimate wishes. The program of the Christmas Jazz Songs concert by Aniko Dolidze is woven from the music of winter joy and permeated with swing rhythms. A sextet of unsurpassed jazz musicians led by the incredible singer and brand leader of the entire project, vocalist Aniko Dolidze, will play for you on stage. This collective unites the love of jazz and swing, and adding to this also favorite Christmas songs, we will get a real quintessence of the holiday!

Aniko Dolidze is a Ukrainian jazz singer with a Georgian soul. Such a cultural mix is reflected both in the timbre of her voice and in the repertoire to which Aniko turns in her creative activity. Aniko approaches the creation of her projects and concert programs with maximum thoroughness and professionalism. During her creative career, Aniko was the author and co-author of numerous projects, including the Ethinic Travel Project, Aniko Dolidze & Land Forest Jazz Orchestra, Gratitude to Giya Kanchelli, and the Jazz Kolo project. This time we have a great opportunity to listen to the Christmas program Christmas Jazz Songs by the incredible and talented Aniko Dolidze.