Shut up and play the piano

3 October 2018, Wed. 20:00
Кинопанорама Kyiv, Shota Rustaveli Street 19
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from 2.42 EUR
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About event

Cinematographic portrait of a cult pianist, self-proclaimed president of the Berlin underground scene and Chillie Gonzalez's genius of excitement.

A nosewoman who sweats a lot, in a dressing gown and slippers separates himself from the piano, cries to the orchestras "Do not Dare to Laugh!" And jumps into the hall. The musicians of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra look at him with enthusiasm, visitors to the concert - with horror. He floats to the Philharmonic Hall on his back, like a young punk who has confused audiences, ridiculously cramps his pants, shouts "well, for" and happily returns to the stage, not forgetting to ask: "So who clung to my ass?"

Jason Clarkson Beck, son of a great Canadian developer, in the mid 90's played The Shit together with the porn-repertoire of Peaches, in 1999 moved to Berlin and became a rapper himself, taking a pseudonym of Chilli Gonzales, in 2004 recorded a popular the album of the finest piano music, in 2009, got to the Guinness Book of Records for the longest solo concert, in 2013 earned Grammy for producing the Daft Punk album. Portrait of a nice, worthy movie. It is almost impossible to find out about Beck himself - this is the biography of Chillie Gonzalez, the self-proclaimed "musical genius", which is similar at the same time to Sasha Baron Cohen, Tony Montana and the Great Lebo. This is a brilliant melodist, which is the guarantee of all his piano plates, the god of idiotic sed-promo and a painful, rather aggressive humor.

"Shut up and play the piano - an attempt to explain how in one person the rapper, the classical pianist, the taper and the stenad-comic may well escape, and the attempt is absolutely charming." Alexey Munipov