23 November 2019, Sat. 18:00
Ukrainian theater Odesa, st. Pastera, 15
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR


About event

Schweik to Odessa! We are waiting for you 2019-11-23 at 18:00 at the site of the Ukrainian Theater, Odessa.
You can buy tickets for Schweik at online. And also place an order with courier delivery or pick up the order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).


1. To all the shanuvalniks of the holy mystery! Let's go to Odessa !.
2. Tours of the first stage of Ukraine - Kiev National Drama Theater ime. I.Franka (metro Kyiv), vistava for the novel by Yaroslav Hasek.
3. Touch the beautiful and the beautiful.

Vistava Швей Schweik ’is all the more beautiful, the interpretation of the glorious novel by Yaroslav Hasek При Bring the Good Warriors Švejk’.

Bagato, in what won’t become a mess, wasted two extraordinary acting specialties: Bohdan Benyuk (People’s Artist of Ukraine) and Anatoly Khostіkova (People’s Artist of Ukraine). It’s the same bagaty creative tandem by provoking an idea of vistavi about true friendship, about kindness and humanity, not at all hours, but be a little more.

Zavdyaki fantasies of vistavi creators (directed by M. Grishishin) “come to life” the monument to Schweik and all at once heroes are welcomed to the Austro-Ugric region, the cob of Persian holy vinyi, you will become participants in the novel of the great Czech classic. Winter heroes are zustrіne on their own hat Švejk, first and foremost know your reference friend - the guarantor of Lukas.

Vistava has been encouraged to complete all kinds of music at the theater genres, have the greatest dignity, have theatrical performances, performances, have been brought up to the absolute limit, if there is no need for an actor, we need to - Life.

Qiu vistava is impossible to repetition, won’t cutaneous once sound in a good way. I don’t pay only for a handful of emotions, but I don’t pay for a handful of sensitivity and it’s rosy, I’ve got a lot of energy for creativity.

Not vipadkovo, with a stretch of rock, "Schweik" lose one of the most popular performances. With the heroes know the glimpses of the bagatooh no less than Ukraine, ale y Rosії, Poland, Rumunії, Bilorusії. In 1999, Rotsya Tsya Vistava won at the International Festival "MITTELFEST" in Italy, de Bula was born not just short, but became a forum.

Tilki one day - 23 leaf fall 2019 rock about 18-00 - SHVEYK !!!

Vistava is demonstrated by Ukrainian mine.

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