Stronger than death

2 March 2020, Mon. 18:00
Concert Hall Odessa Odesa, Haharinske Plateau, 5
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from 5.00 EUR
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About event

Workshop instruction "Stronger than death" in Odesa! On March 2, in the Odessa Concert Hall, practicing psychologist and trainer Yevhen Koinov will hold a unique seminar “Stronger than Death”.

Why is it worth going to the training "Stronger than death" in Odesa?

1. The seminar "Stronger than Death" will be held for the first time in Ukraine.
2. The speaker will share professional wisdom and help to find answers to difficult questions.
3. Training will add meaningfulness and bright colors to your life.

Yevhen Koinov with training "Stronger than death" in Odesa

March 2 in the Odessa Concert Hall Yevhen Koinov will hold an important training "Stronger than death". A topic that does not leave anyone indifferent will be revealed from the point of view of the centuries-old teachings of Ayurveda. Yevhen Koinov, an experienced psychologist, practicing trainer and student of Dr. Torsunov, will delicately and clearly explain the main human errors in relation to death. It turns out that you also need to be prepared for the departure from life.

Exclusive workshop "Stronger than death" at the Odessa Concert Hall

"Is there light at the end of the tunne?" – so summarized can be formulated the central issue of the seminar. Yevhen Koinov will reveal in detail very complex and important questions for each of us:

  • What is death?
  • How to leave the body correctly?
  • What to do if a loved one leaves?
  • How does the soul gain a new body?
  • What awaits a person after death?

Thanks to attending the seminar, you will come to the realization of such a deep and unknown phenomenon for an ordinary person as death. Yevhen Koinov devoted many years to the study of a complex topic. The experience and knowledge of the trainer will help everyone not only prepare for parting with their own body, but also in a different way accept the death of another person.

You will see how the right attitude towards death changes your life for the better.

Where to buy tickets to the seminar "Stronger than death" in Odesa?

You can order tickets to the seminar "Stronger than Death" at the Odessa Concert Hall" right now on the website.