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Silva (tour of the Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy)

20 November 2019, Wed. 19:00
from 4.00 EUR
from 4.00 EUR
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Why is it worth going to the operetta Silva?

1. This is an inspired romantic story about how love overcomes all obstacles.
2. You will hear the best opera voices of modern Ukraine.
3. And you will see the famous Hungarian production with your own eyes.

Silva is an example of a classical operetta staged by a traditional Ukrainian theater

If you are interested in theater, you probably heard about this performance (its other name is “Queen of the Czardasha”). It was written in Hungary more than a hundred years ago and has forever won a place in world culture. The Ukrainian version is based on the original music of the operetta author, Imre Kalman, and the poetic translation was made by Vladimir Mikhailov and Dmitry Tolmachev.

You will be delighted with the beauty of the Silva virtuoso vocal parts

And the plot of the opera will capture you even more! Silva Varescu is an attractive girl and the best dancer of the variety show known in the city. Ironically, a guy from a noble family, the future Prince Wellerheim, falls in love with her. Passion flares up between them, but you probably already guessed that the prince's family was against this relationship.

Do you think that Silva and Edwin (that’s the name of the prince) are “Hungarian Romeo and Juliet”? Not at all! Unlike them, they are very wayward and proud, so they are more likely to resemble the characters of the famous fairy tale "Fox and Crane." The prince's family does everything to separate the couple, and lovers themselves do even more for this.

The operetta is filled with passionate vocal parts, emotional gestures and unexpected plot twists. The directors did everything so that the attention of the audience was riveted to the stage until the final replica.

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