Family dinner

26 November 2019, Tue. 19:00
Freedom Hall Kyiv, Kyrylovska street, 134
from 14.67 EUR
from 14.67 EUR
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On that quiet beautiful evening, nothing foreshadowed storms. The wife was about to leave to see his beloved mom, her husband quietly exulted in anticipation of an early meeting with his mistress. But a phone call is heard and ... one word of untruth is a small lie, a few phrases are a big deception, and the substitution of concepts is already, sorry, an exciting game.

As one of the heroines of the play said: “This is a game called“ Friendly Family ”. It is usually played after dinner. All kind of relatives of some, and at the same time give birth to novels with others. And you need to guess who is a relative and who is a lover. And the more lovers you have, the more points you have. ”

People who play games always think at first that they control the situation, but over time the game begins to follow its rules. Fortunately, in our case, no one was offended, because “Family dinner” is a comedy. In it, all the characters are not without sin, and therefore well understood each other. And some of them may have even realized something ...