Family scenes

24 January 2019, Thu. 19:00
Ukrainian theater Odessa, st. Pastera, 15
from 3.64 EUR
from 3.64 EUR
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About event

The play “Family Scenes” is a nervous, sharp, and at the same time quite worldly history in today's reality.

It would seem that just recently the reality described by Anna Yablonskaya was not directly related to us. But today, the play about the painful train of nameless war, unfortunately, has acquired a specific address and sharply actual sound.

“Here the audience becomes participants in the war imposed on us. Killed in Putin's Domodedovo 4 years ago, Anya foresaw this. And now her “Family scenes” show how we can survive in this story ... ”, - Grigory Yablonsky, the father of the playwright.