10 March 2019, Sun. 19:00
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For many years, the legendary VIA "Blue Bird" is not just a part of history, but also an active musical collective, whose fans are only added.

With the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Blue Bird" in the life of a generation that grew up in the 70's and 80's, many warm memories are associated. It was then, in those years, the musicians of the popular band performed the most beloved songs. The name of the VIA "Blue Bird" as a symbol of goodness, love and loyalty came from the famous play of the Belgian writer Maurice Meterlinka and since then the team has been lucky.

The songs of the famous vocal-instrumental ensemble VIIA "Blue Bird" are real folk hits, which have become popular with more than one generation of listeners. Probably everyone remembers such hits of past years as "You Do not Die", "Maple", "Mommy Plate", "Girko", "Words", "So Here Are You", "Steamboats Going to the Sea", " I'm coming to see you "," White ship "and many others.

The songs for the Blue Bird were written by young composers and poets at that time composing the repertoire "The Blue Bird": Yuri Antonov, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Sergei Dyachkov, Theodore Efimov, Yuriy Akulov, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Leonid Derbenev and others. Disks "Blue Bird" were sold in multi-million copies, the ensemble collected thousands of stadiums at its concerts.

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