Tales of Uncle Remus

2 June 2019, Sun. 12:00
Theater of the young spectator Odessa, Street Grecheskaya, 50
from 1.52 EUR
from 1.52 EUR
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About event

“Tales of Uncle Remus” - a play by the eponymous book of fairy tales by the famous American writer Joel Chandler Harris.

The tales told by Uncle Remus became real American folklore. The main characters of his stories are Brother Rabbit and Brother Fox. Brother Rabbit - not at all like a cute bunny from old fairy tales. He is cunning, clever, savvy. And how else, if the same cunning, dexterous and sharp-witted Brother Fox, who wants to eat him, constantly fights with him?

How to survive in this forest? How to learn to answer for their actions? After all, everything is not as simple as it seems ... The secret has been known for a long time: you must learn to think not only about yourself, learn to be friends, learn to respect those who live next to you.

All situations in which the heroes of the play fall into are permeated with irony and humor, and therefore we can safely say: “Not serious - about serious things!”