Fairytale city

13 - 18 August 2019 13:00
from 15.33 EUR
from 15.33 EUR

About event

Why is it worth visiting the fairytale town

1. 10 days of the festival by the sea, in a cozy atmosphere, with friends.
2. Workshops, ethnic music, drums, dances, fire shows.
3. The sea of positive and impressions for the whole year. Vegetarian snacks.

Fairytale City - Festival of master classes on self-development. Festival of warmth and openness! Festival of Self-Development and Creativity, Joy and Love, Awareness and Harmony! :)

WHAT: 10 days of the festival in a cozy atmosphere, with friends. Master classes, ethnic music, drums, dances, fire shows. The sea of positive and impressions for the whole year. Vegetarian snacks.

WHERE: urban village Black Sea, near Odessa by the sea. Open Air WHEN: August 9-18. (10 days)

Waiting for you:
- 10 days of the Festival in a cozy atmosphere, with friends
- rich educational and entertainment program
- 10 days of workshops and practical classes
- esoteric and spiritual practices
- practical psychology, relationships
- fair Hand-made
- yoga, physical development
- business training
- learning to play musical instruments
- dance practices
- holotropic breathing
- vegetarian cooking
- live concerts every night
- incendiary fire show
- drive drum jams
- powerful dancing around the campfire
- hugs
- and much more!

See the program of the festival here: https://www.skazkafest.org/speekers-odessa-2019

How is the festival going? The festival program The fairy-tale city consists mainly of an educational program of master classes - during the day and an entertainment program in the evening - performance of music groups, dance groups, theatrical shows. After dark, drum jams, fire shows, bonfire dances

Days are divided into 3-4 main blocks of master classes; The block consists of a presentation line of trainers and the master class itself. The line of trainers - alternate self-presentation of trainers with a description of their MK on stage, in a central meadow. There are also additional night and morning blocks of the master classes, for which the line of trainers are not held separately.

Upon entering the festival, each participant in the festival can receive a free magazine with a program of master classes and concerts. In the magazine with the program, the declared master classes, the names of the facilitators and trainers are described in detail, the contacts of the trainers and facilitators are placed on the first pages so that you can contact one of them after the festival if such a desire arises.

The printed edition of the program contains information on the topics of practical classes, as well as the names of musical groups, including the time they performed on stage. On the last page of the magazine is a map of the festival - carry the program with you, this will be your guide to the Tale :)

An exhibition fair is open throughout the day. From morning until late in the evening there is a food court with cozy tea rooms and kitchens, where you can buy vegetarian and raw food dishes. There is a playground where you can leave your children under the supervision of volunteers. There are showers, toilets, parking.

When buying tickets, please note that Visitors (price for those traveling for the first time), Residents of the Fairytale City (regular participants in the festival)

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