18 November 2019, Mon. 19:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
from 41.67 EUR
from 41.67 EUR
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Why should you go to Skillet concert?

1. Energy group penetrates into every corner of the body.
2. One of the first to hear the tracks of the new album Victorious - real luck.
3. Each live team is a show with extreme emotions.

Skillet go to Kyiv with a new album Victorious!

They are known, they are loved, their songs are sung by full halls all over the world. Including in the capital of Ukraine. The authorities of Christian rock come to us - Skillet! And not just like that, but with a new Victorious album.

It's hard to believe, but Victorious is the tenth studio album in the Skillet discography, which has been growing steadily since 1996. It seemed as though a group of spouses John and Corey Cooper had appeared just a few years ago. So time flies.

Victorious is an important album for the band, as John and Corey are serious about producing their songs. Behind them is half the track list. “For the first time, we dealt with our tracks on our own, without any help,” says John Cooper.

According to the frontman, the band wanted to continue the positive line of the previous Unleashed album: “While working on Victorious, I realized that Unleashed is a very energetic and fun record. We wanted to do something again - a collection of songs that will make people move forward. Well, or raise your hands up at our concerts.”

With Victorious, the band continued to explore other musical territories and explore their own sound: “We went deep and decided to try everything we wanted. Some of our experiments are preserved on the album. Somehow we left until better times. But overall, Victorious came out melodious. Even a little more melodious than we used to do.”

Victorious will go on sale on August 2, and now the single Legendary is available for audition - a very brisk, adrenaline song that marks new Skillet hits: “We never did that. The guitar riff is either bluesy or rock'n'roll. We thought it was cool."

Ukrainian fans think so too! We are waiting for you at the big autumn show Skillet.