Dermatological forum SkinScan

26 May 2019, Sun. 16:00
TSUM 7th floor Kyiv, Khreschatyk St, 38
from 9.09 EUR
from 9.09 EUR

About event

Why go to the SkinScan Dermatology Forum?

1. Learn all about your skin from leading dermatologists and gynecologists.
2. Take part in the drawing of certificates for the services of the CALM clinic.
3. Get a "Passport Skin".

What could be more important than health?

April 21 Skinmat, a dermatological forum, will bring together everyone who cares about the health and beauty of their skin. On the eve of the Day of melanoma in TSUM, the doctors of the CALM clinic together with the company La Roche-Posay will consult with dermatoscopy, as well as talk about the prevention of skin cancer, proper care and age-related changes.

SkinScan is a great opportunity to spend time interesting and useful. In addition to the reports of a dermato-oncologist AV Lisetskogo, a dermatologist Skivka E.V. and gynecologist Silina N.K. The program will include a prize draw from the CALM clinic and from the company La Roche-Posay, as well as a buffet table.

And remember: you are not buying a conference ticket, you pay for the diagnosis of your skin!

The program includes lectures by leading specialists in spherdermatology, gynecology and skin care:

1. "Markers of melanoma", dermato-oncologist Andrey Lisetsky. 2. "Skin as a marker of health" women from 0 to 100 "gynecologist Natalia Silina.
3. "Photo-aging: how to prevent and how to fight," doctor dermatologist Skivka Yevgeny Viktorovich.
4. "The importance of the use of sunscreens" medical consultant of the company La Roche-Posay Kulinka Irina.

The program also includes: - skin diagnostics for everyone

- draw of gifts and gift certificates
- buffet table