Violinist on the roof

4 April 2020, Sat. 18:30
from 1.33 EUR
from 1.33 EUR

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Premiere of “Violinist on the Roof” music by J. Bock

Why is a violinist on the roof? The artist Mark Chagall often had to answer this question, whose leitmotif was the image of a violinist, too vivid and unusual to exist in reality. Nevertheless, the artist invariably repeated that the Violinist on the roof is a reality! The violinist supposedly climbed onto the roof so that he would not be disturbed. The authors of the musical about Tevye Tevel, composer Jeremy Bock and libretists Joseph Stein and Sheldon Harnik embodied the Shagalov image of the Violinist in musical history behind the stories of Sholom Aleichem “Tevye the Milkman”. The musical begins with the composition “Tradition” and the theme of tradition, according to the authors' plan, has become the concept of the entire work. The traditions of life, their preservation, following, by them, residents of the Jewish town of Anatovka, near Kiev, stirred up the feeling of people of different nationalities, different faiths. The musical “Violinist on the Roof”, which was first put on Broadway in 1964, won the hearts of millions!

The protagonist Tevye, the father of five daughters, discusses the meanings of life and loves to talk with God. He is a zealot of traditions, carefully protects the family hearth from turmoil, dreams of happiness and prosperity. Tevye is sure that it is beneficial to marry daughters so that they settle in life as best as possible. For the plot of the matchmaker, Ent has already found grooms for the daughters of Tevye. But instead of marrying a wealthy widower Lizer, Zeitl's eldest daughter marries the poor tailor Motel. Tevye, moved by the feelings of her daughter, blesses the young and persuades his wife Golda to agree to their marriage. What? “Money is round. Today there, and tomorrow already here, to be healthy and healthy. And the main thing is hope! ” - philosophizes Tevye.

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