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SCRYABIN A concert in memory of Kuzma

7 December 2023, Thu. 19:00-21:00
RC "Promin" Lutsk, Avenue of President Grushevskogo, 2
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from 290 ₴


About event

Skryabin ( official Facebook page ) is one of the most famous Ukrainian rock bands in Ukraine. Its founder is the legendary Andriy Kuzmenko , an outstanding personality, the idol of millions of Ukrainians. The whole country sings his songs today.

Over 300 songs were written by Andriy Kuzmenko over the years of his work. The Skryabin group had more than 2,000 concert performances in its 28 years of existence.

Today, the Skryabin group , to which Kuzma devoted most of his life, are people with whom Andrii created music, shared the stage and the road during the last 15 years of the group's existence.

At the request of a large audience of fans of Andrii Kuzmenko's work, and at the request of Andrii's family, the Skryabin band continues its concert activities.

Skryabin - these are his songs.  

Skryabin is his fans.

Scriabin is his musicians.

Skryabin is a family.

The Skryabin Band is the only musical group that is the official representative of Andrii Kuzmenko's work and performs according to the license agreement regarding the use of copyrights.

The composition of the Skryabin Group has not changed since 2015:

The guitarist and manager of the band is Oleksiy Zvolynskyi

Bass guitarist - Konstantin Glitin

Drummer - Vadim Kolisnichenko

Keyboardist - Konstantin Sukhonosov also collaborates with musicians - remotely - he creates his parts in new musical arrangements of songs that the band uses at their performances.

Backing vocals – Olga Lizgunova .

During the existence of the Scriabin group after the death of Andrii Kuzmenko, the musicians invited their stage colleagues to participate in their concerts. These were: Polozhynskyi, Taras Topolya, Arsen Merzoyan, Zhenya Halych, and others.

These artists supported the band on the Warm Tour . Also, the finalists of the Voice of the Country show - Anis Ettayeb and Zhenya Tolochnyi - took part in the concerts. With Anis, Oleksiy Zvolynskaya created the New Project - the rock band Spain, and Zhenya Tolochnyi continued to collaborate with musicians after the end of the Warm Tour.

In August 2018, the musicians of the Skryabin band held a big concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the birth of Andriy Kuzmenko at the Lviv stadium. The most famous artists of Ukraine sang Andrii's songs together with his musicians. At the same time, a famous singer of the 90s - poet and musician Yurko Yurchenko - performed with the Skryabin group.

The collaboration between the artists turned out to be successful, the audience received this performance very warmly. Since then, Yuriy-Yurkesh Yurchenko began to participate in the performances of the Scriabin band as a member of the "Scriabin & Yurcash" collaboration

On February 2, 2020 , on the fifth anniversary of Andrii Kuzmenko's death, the Scriabin band published a song called "Kuzma" on its page . Having published a new song in their performance, the musicians honored the memory of Andriy Kuzmenko and at the same time started a new stage in the band's life. Stage of creative cooperation with Yuriy Yurkesh Yurchenko. It was he who created the words and music for the memorable song.

02/05/2020 - Presentation of the song "Bitch - War!"

five years before this day - January 24, 2015, Andrii Kuzmenko sent a letter to Iryna Tkach with a demo of this composition. This song is the last thing he managed to say, putting it on sheet music. And it was about what hurt him the most - about his country, about the war.

Andriy sang the song at home, planning to complete its arrangement later and publish it in the next album of the Skryabin band, but he did not have time.

"It's a pity that we didn't have time to make its full version then. But this song simply has to be played both on the radio and on TV, so we decided to do it now, to do it as best as possible and as loudly as possible. The song "Bitch-War" is worth a whole orchestra," says Oleksiy Zvolynskyi, guitarist and manager of the Skryabin band.

Musicians of the Honored Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the direction of Dmytro Antonyuk were invited to record the track "Bitch-War". The vocal part was performed by Yurko Yurchenko (Yurcash).

in May 2022, a video was created for the song "Bitch - war!"  

video from social networks:

The story on the 1+1 channel about the Skryabin group after the death of Andriy Kuzmenko, the performance of the musicians and Yurko Yurchenko (Yurcash): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXh8dOlINt4&t=401s

Munich sings Kuzma's songs together with the Skryabin band (vocalist Yevgeny Tolochny), 2019, live: https://www.facebook.com/skryabinofficial/videos/299723227333740/

Lviv sings "Old Photos" with Lyosha Zvolynskyi (guitarist of Skryabin band) 2018 (fan meeting, live): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=249318295715293

Lviv Opera House, Scriabin with Orchestra (2019), final song of the concert (live): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=852792768570185