Skryabin.Simfo - symphonic version of songs by Andrey Kuzmenko

18 February 2019, Mon. 19:00
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from 3.00 EUR
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About event

In the anniversary year for Andrey, the project Skryabin.Simfo will be a real gift for fans of his talent who are tired of numerous tributes. But no matter how talented the modern stars tried to reproduce them, the listener always has a desire to compare these versions with the original, and it is clear whose benefit he makes his choice.

“Every country has major, iconic faces that instantly conjure up a certain image: the Beatles — Great Britain, Pierre Cardin — France, Salvador Dali — Spain ... In modern culture, most often the image of a country is associated with a pop performer, or a popular group . What will be the image of Ukraine in this sense? The face of Ukraine and the soul of its people are Andrei Kuzmenko ... ”(From the book by Olga Kuzmenko and Varvara Goncharova“ Koliskova for Andriyka ”).

Every year, every day, experienced by the country, and an ordinary person, the work of Andrey Kuzmenko (Kuzma Scriabin) is becoming increasingly relevant. Both the lyrics and the musical component resonate more and more.

The symphonic version of the songs that have become the cardiogram of the generation is the best variant of their concert reproduction for today. Only in the performance of the pop symphonic orchestra, Andrei’s songs today do not cause undesirable contradictions.

The concert program Skryabin.Simfo - invites the listener, who remembers most of Andrei's lyrics, to plunge into the magic garden of his songs. Symphonic orchestra under. the guidance of the famous Ukrainian conductor Nikolai Vitalyevich Lysenko will be on this journey a reliable companion and fan with many years of experience, and a wider audience of connoisseurs of truly modern art.

Jewelry work with copyright material was held under the guidance of music producer Vasily Tkach.

The early little-known songs and mega-hits, which for years have not gone from the tops of musical ratings, will be heard in the exclusively instrumental performance of the symphonic orchestra, the audience of the Skryabin.Simfo concert program.