Glory to the heroes

10 December 2018, Mon. 19:00
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Why should you go to the play "Glory to the Heroes"?

1. The performance raises important topics that remain relevant at all times.
2. In the difficult period for all Ukrainians, the authors of the play tried to find a way of reconciliation of generations.
3. Each viewer will draw for himself a lot of wise thoughts in the replicas of the characters.

Kiev Theater "Golden Gate" and the Theater. Ivan Franko presents a joint play "Glory to the Heroes." Be sure to appreciate the brave work of talented and successful teams!

The plot of the play is based on the play of Ukrainian playwright Pavel Aryeh, whose life literally passes between Lviv and Berlin. And it will be very exciting to see how the actors of the theaters open the ideas of the playwright.

The drama "Glory to the Heroes" tells about the fate of two veterans: the UPA and the Great Patriotic War. Both of them get to the hospital and find themselves in the same ward ... The resolution of any conflict occurs against the background of healing old wounds and reconciliation of different worldviews. Today, our country needs comprehensive reconciliation more than ever. About this - "Glory to the heroes."

Directed by: Stas Zhirkov.

The roles are performed by: Vitalina Bibles, Dmitry Rybalevsky, Dmitry Oleynik, Alexey Gnatkovsky, Irina Tkachenko.

Waiting for you!

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