Stand-Up in UA. Slava Komisarenko

17 March 2019, Sun. 19:00
from 10.61 EUR
from 10.61 EUR


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Why should I go to Stand-Up in UA?

1. Resident of Big Stand Up from Comedy Club Production
2. Humor who does not know the limitations
3. You will be able to relax, laugh and enjoy pleasant memories

Slava Komisarenko comes back! The Top Comedian will present a completely new program. Invited guests: Andriy Kalmachevsky and Kolya Ziryanov.

Stand Up show is a humor that does not know the limitations, and ironic monologues about yourself, surrounding reality and pressing issues that are close to all of us! In Ukraine, the stenpad is actively developing, and the new format Stand-Up in UA gives a strong impetus to this direction. This time, Slava Komisarenko returns to the scene. In the fall of 2018, he first speaks to the Ukrainian audience. And his discontinued concerts crowned with tremendous success! So now the comedian is preparing a fresh program.

Slava Komisarenko is one of the strongest Belarusian humorists of our time. He gained popularity very quickly and became one of the main residents of the STAND UP project from Comedy Club Production. The two-meter blonde most often tells about his friends, acquaintances, and his relationship with his beloved girl. On the one hand, these numbers are similar to the ordinary perceptions of an ordinary person. But the observation of this guy and the ability to look at the situation in a non-trivial manner make these monologues really funny. And the emotionality and artistry of Slava became a special highlight of his performances. In preparing the programs, he puts the task not only to entertain the audience, but also to discuss serious and important topics. He strives for his people to be funny and interesting. And you will be surprised how rich and quality in Slava is a humorous arsenal.

Together with Slava Andriy Kalmachevsky and Koly Zyryanov will perform.

Kolya Zyryanov is a promising Ukrainian comedian who is steadily gaining momentum. Andriy Kalmachevsky is the champion of the first season "League of Laughs" in the team "Two Captains of 1955". He also performed with Slava in autumn concerts and was able not only to "warm" the audience, but to bring her to an irresistible laugh! And this time he will present your new material for you.

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