Stand-Up in UA. Glory to Komissarenko

28 September 2019, Sat. 19:00
from 11.67 EUR
from 11.67 EUR


About event

Slava Komissarenko returns to the Dnieper! September 28 at 19:00 in the Palace of Culture of Machine Builders top comedian will present a completely new program. Invited guests: Andrei Kalmachevsky and Kolya Zyryanov.

Stand Up show is humor, which knows no restrictions, and ironic monologues about themselves, the surrounding reality and urgent problems that are close to all of us. In Ukraine, the stand-up is actively developing, and the new format STAND UP IN UA provides a strong impetus to this direction. Only top stand-holders in the whole CIS take part in it.

Slava Komisarenko is one of the strongest not only Belarusian comedians of our time, but the entire CIS. He quickly gained popularity and became one of the main residents of the STAND UP project from Comedy Club Production. Two-meter blond often tells about his friends, acquaintances, as well as the relationship with his girlfriend. On the one hand, these numbers are similar to ordinary reasoning of an ordinary person. But this guy's keen eye and ability to look at the situation in a non-trivial way make these monologues really ridiculous. And the emotionality and artistry of Glory became a special highlight of his performances. In preparing the programs, he sets the task not only to amuse the public, but also to discuss serious and important topics. He wants people to be funny and interesting at his performances.

Andrei Kalmachevsky and Kolya Zyryanov will perform together with Slava.

Andrei Kalmachevsky is the champion of the first season “League of Laughter” in the team “Two Captains 1955”. He also performed with Slava in the autumn concerts and could not just “warm up” the audience, but bring it to unrestrained laughter! And this time for you, he will present his new material.

Kolya Zyryanov is a promising Ukrainian comedian who is gaining momentum.

Today, the stand-up genre is especially popular. And the secret is that comedians from the stage share their thoughts and emotions with the audience. They joke about standard life situations that everyone knows. Moreover, there are no taboo topics for them.

Therefore, on September 28, only high-quality, “tasty” humor from Glory Komissarenko, Andrey Kalmachevsky and Kolya Zyryanov is waiting for you.

Duration of the program is 1.5 hours. The show program is presented in Russian. It is recommended to persons from 18 years.