19 October 2018, Fri. 21:00
Film pavilion Kyiv, Akademika Vernads'koho Blvd, 32V
from 19.70 EUR
from 19.70 EUR


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Glory to the rave! in Kyiv - photo #2 picture
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About event

Despite laws and persuasion, we create idols for ourselves. Alone with ourselves, we revel in everything they do, and they themselves. We pray when no one hears that the meeting with them takes place as soon as possible. And when we find ourselves near, looking into their eyes with vehement sincerity, we fall into the dumb abyss.

Like the biblical, canon rave culture has a lot of books. And each of them tells us about their idols. October 19, we will hear those who played the main roles in the pages of this mnogoknizhya. And their music will be all 20 years of rave.

Throughout its history, Pascal Orbe (Vitalic) has experienced a lot of reincarnations: Dima, Hustler Pornstar, The Silures, Vital Ferox. But what the devil, the difference. It is important that his audio-visual show is always an event - be it on Glastonbury or in Berlin Berghain. Twenty years ago or today. Along with Daft Punk and Justice, Vitalic made the world idolize French electronic music. C nineties and to our days.

Its electro-house galaxy has 6 albums, and the last of which was released last year. With the new release (Voyager), he allegedly again set himself the goal of telling that funk, pop and all new wave sub-genres can interlace in his music ... And thousands of his followers came to hear this story. Wherever he told him - everyone danced.

ІІ. Oliver Huntemann
His longplay Propaganda is called one of the best records of the last year in the genre of techno. Tracks Oliver wrote without looking up from the weekly sets. As a result, the album sounds like those very nights in the vicinity of Reeperbahn, his native Hamburg.

Today Hantemann is an important guest in the clubs of Berlin and London. At the same time, he confesses that playing the length of the night set for the DJ in our time is much more important than getting into the Beatport charts or getting approval from the music media. And, of course, he copes with this task perfectly well. Hantemann Nights is always a tense drama, and each time a new script.

There was time in his life schedule for the creation of the labels Confused, Spezial Music, Toscana and Ideal Senso, and remixes for Depeche Mode with Underworld. And Slava Reiva, he has time for Kiev this year.

III. David Carretta
French DJ and producer, who in his music found points of contact for disco and techno. He has 4 albums, about forty EP and more than 50 remixes. And his record 'Kill Your Radio' is called one of the best electronic releases of zero. For more than twenty years in the world of electronic music, he has still been so successful today, Glory to the rave!, Playing his sets non-stop. One of which Kiev will hear already on October 19.

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