Glory to SE

20 October 2019, Sun. 19:00
Central House of Artists Kyiv, vulytsya Sichovykh Strilʹtsiv 1-5
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from 4.00 EUR
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About event

Slava Se with the author's program "One and a half Piano"

Slava Se writes funny about sad things and very funny about funny. Household sketches merge with adventurous adventures and, of course, with romance. With his eyes, life looks albeit dramatic, but very cozy and hopefully clear.

The famous blogger, plumber and writer, author of six books, including "Plumber, his cat, wife and other details", "Eve" and the latest "When a turtle drowns," will read excerpts from both published and new books, as well as stories that can not be recorded, but can only sing and dance. The conversation will be about literature, how to become a successful writer, how to lose everything, get a divorce, get married and go on stage ... Glory Stories about the role of twigs in becoming a creator, what to do if your mother thinks you are a genius, and the publisher is not . How to seduce a student with a truck GAZ-52. How to swim across the sea, if you only have a basin and moped. What do the relatives of the deceased think when the funeral orchestra plays the gypsy and others.

You are waiting for a wonderful two hours with the writer! The total time orgy of 2 hours with an interval, then kisses and photographing.

A little about glory. However, no ... some Glory:

“Well, Alexander, he is a doctor, brunet and composer 192 centimeters long. For this alone, women dream to bury their nose in his sweater. And let him not be able to twist the light bulb. Of course. If you are handsome, like a guard horse, you can not stand the garbage. Just sit in a chair, drink Chablis, regulate access to a sweater. ”“ Masha loves a cat, a hamster cat, a hamster does not love anyone. Only yourself and seeds. This is a triangular drama, the basis of literature and life in general. When two are good, the third necessarily decreases and suffers. ”

"In an upset woman, the fantasy is wider than the possibilities of God"

"We are the birthplace of Tsiolkovsky, so I have more chances to get to Mars than to France."

Genre of Glory - literary postmodernism. His world is woven from small, simple stories. Everything in nature is just a reason for irony. Serious and drama banned. Borsch in the plate and the cat on the windowsill - this is the basis of the universe.
Come. Because if you don’t come, then some literature will die. Its less and less. Except us with you there is no one to keep it.