Blind tasting single malt

20 October 2018, Sat. 15:45
from 18.18 EUR
from 18.18 EUR


Blind tasting single malt in Kyiv - photo #1 picture
Blind tasting single malt in Kyiv - photo #2 Дегустація односолодових наосліп у Києві афіша

About event

Why is it worth going to blind single malt tasting?

1. Try without bias
2. Check yourself!
3. Get to know all the characteristics of the Speyside region and independent bottlers.

We will not close our eyes, but we will hide the bottles and try to determine the region, the manufacturer and the distillery, without looking at the labels. Take the challenge!

Check if you can distinguish the distinctive whiskey from the Speyside region from the whiskey produced by independent bottlers.

Speaker: Alexander Shekhanin

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