21 April 2019, Sun. 16:00
from 3.00 EUR
from 3.00 EUR

About event

Why it is worth going to the show Smeshariki?

1. This license submission.
2. Favorite cartoon characters will NOT leave your children indifferent.
3. Modern EFFECTS and musical accompaniment will delight everyone!

"Smeshariki" - a cartoon that is translated into 15 languages, subordinates its charm to 60 countries and 50 million viewers. The creators of this popular animated series have released a new play. He can NOT like it!

Smeshariki country is separated from the Big World by deserts, sea, forests and mountains. Here live negative characters, all Smeshariki friendly and friendly. All of them are well known to both children and adults. After all, how can you not fall in love with these adventure lovers, poets, inventors, artists and travelers! They fall into different unusual circumstances, sometimes even in dangerous situations, but at the same time they bring good and light.

We invite you and your children to play "Smeshariki"! This theatrical and entertaining performance will surprise everyone with its unusual plot. Of course, you will meet with the heroes of the animated series, as well as some surprises. The performance is modern and bright.

Absolutely new performance will conquer you with a musical show and funny cartoon characters!

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