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SMS-opera BEASTS. Libretto by Les Podervyanskyi

4 November 2022, Fri. 17:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
from 14.10 EUR
from 14.10 EUR

About event

SMS-opera BEASTS. Libretto by Les Podervyanskyi in Kyiv! We are waiting for you on 2022-11-04 at 17:00 at the Cinema House location, Kyiv.
You can buy tickets for the SMS-opera ZVIRI. Libretto by Les Podervyansky on Concert.ua online.

The man lived his earthly life to the middle and went into the dark forest, into the taiga, into the green wilderness of animal passions, where the trees sing of love, the bear sits on the oak tree, the squirrel jumps, and the predatory wolverine grinds its teeth on a fresh corpse. Fool, where are you going? What are you looking for, what did you lose there? And we will find out the answer to this now, our fairy tale for adults is just beginning...

A real artist begins to look for answers to questions that society has not yet had time to ask itself and which are still buzzing somewhere in the depths of the social subconscious. It was the hot summer of 2012, we were swimming in the Dnieper near Rzhyshchev, like two graceful hippopotamuses, when Les admitted that he was writing a fairy tale in the form of a series of short text messages and sending them to his acquaintance, and right then and there, having received the pop*wife of life "Nokia "I read this fairy tale.

At that time, this fairy tale with the traditional heroes of fairy tales, Kotyk, Squirrel, Bear and Bunny, and together with them the heroes of kindergarten jokes Stalin, Voroshilov, Hitler, Goebbels and Goering did not make a strong impression on me. Well, what the hell is this? Another fable about a long-dead scoop...

Podya was once asked: why doesn't he write a play about Kuchma or Yanukovych. Lesyk grimaced and said that they are not interesting to him because they are one-time characters, and he is only interested in global phenomena such as Love, War, Death and Life. That's how it is in "Animals", wanting to simply entertain an acquaintance and to have fun himself, Les began to play with archetypes.

The opera reveals to us the Russian measure in all its cruelty and cynicism, when the heroes are sentenced to death, no matter how faithful and deserving they are, and the best friends are psychopathic killers.

The scenography of the opera plays no less, if not a decisive role in what and how the author wants to say. With the help of the scalpel of his satire and the lancet of allusions, Podervyansky reveals all the deep nastiness of Russian culture with its retrograde drive towards primitivization, murder and stupidity.

No matter what the Muscovites build, they still end up with a Gulag, which like Moloch devours all its servants, no matter who you are, a marshal, a reindeer herder, a man-eater, or just a cat.

This Opera was not heard in 2015, like the prophecy of Cassandra, nevertheless it absolutely does not lose its relevance even after 7 years.

Alex Zakletsky,
Podervian expert,
Irpin 2022

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