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PREMIERE for the double anniversary! "SNE".

(Almost a biblical story about Moses, the Burning Bush, wayward Jews and treacherous Egyptians. For the first time in the "DSU THEATER" version).

"SNE" is the ancient Hebrew name for a bush growing in the desert, which is considered the same Burning Bush from which the Lord addressed Moses with calls to lead his people out of Egyptian slavery. To the author of the play, Grigory Gelfer, the biblical story about Moses and the Burning Bush seemed very important and relevant to today. The wonderful director Volodymyr Petrenko undertook to realize this story on stage. ...The Jewish people lived in Egyptian slavery for more than one century. And many believed that they are already almost one nation. Even the languages are very similar. But the Burning Bush appeared before the shepherd Moses in the desert. And the Lord turned to Moses from that bush and ordered to lead his people out of slavery... .... Almost three and a half millennia ago, the Jews began their exodus... It was very difficult for them too... They succeeded!

  • The author is Hryhoriy Gelfer
  • Production director - Volodymyr Petrenko
  • The artist is Maria Pashkurova-Petrenko
  • Actors: Yuriy Boguslavskyi, Ilona Solyanyk-Golubenko, Oleksandr Sergeev, Hennadiy Kolesnyk, Andriy Yevseeenko, Oleksandr Golubenko, Vadym Silnychiy, Serhiy Kucherenko, Oleksiy Sheyko, as well as Polina Petrenko and Semyon Hefter
  • Composer - Nikita Ruban
  • Arranged by Vadym Silnychy
  • Musical design - Tatiana Turik
  • Sound, light - Dmytro Karpenko
  • Administrative group: Valeriya Moroz, Anastasia Pochueva, Natalia Tereshchenko, Vadym Pochuev

Duration – 1 hour 30 minutes (without intermission)

The events take place in ancient Egypt somewhere in the 1400s BC.

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