Make a movie

24 November 2018, Sat. 15:00
from 8.79 EUR
from 8.79 EUR

About event

Kiev Theater "Millennium" is "Make a movie."

The newest format of entertainment shows for children from 8 to 12 years old!

Interactive animation program combines:
- video filming,
- acting training,
- show of scientific experiments,
- animated interactive games,
- Video highlights of the gift.

Children take the most direct part in the program - they get to the casting before filming a new film, and then find themselves on the set of a new film!

The director (“Nudny” Dan) and the operator (Alice Gamp) of the Millennium Film Agency - they take down the acting portfolio of each participant, and also help the children go through the necessary acting skills and show their talents. Each stage consists of an interactive animation game or a science show experiment. For complete reincarnation, each child chooses an image of the character, a matching costume (elements of the costumes are provided) and aqua-makeup (optional). During all activities, children get used to the character’s image and act in accordance with it throughout the filming process. Elements of the Scientific Show with the use of dry ice and experiments are held in the format of training actors to work with special effects.

And that is not all! Of all the episodes taken, during the week we will assemble and send a video to each participant of the program. Children will receive cutting of the brightest and most ridiculous moments of the holiday, where they performed their chosen role.

It will be fun with us!

Duration 1.2 hours.

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Make a movie

26 January 2019 15:00

, Kyiv

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