dog's heart

22 March 2019, Fri. 19:00
Jewish Cultural Center Odessa, st. Nezhinskaya 77/79
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR

About event

The story of the transformation of a dog into a man in a performance by Valery Zolotukhin.

The action of the brilliant phantasmagoria of M. Bulgakov takes place in the 20s in Soviet Russia, in the midst of the construction of socialism. A well-known Moscow professor, Philip Filippovich Preobrazhensky, decides to experiment with the transplantation of the spermatic glands and the pituitary gland of the deceased homeless, drunkard and hooligan Klim Chugunkin to the cute dog Sharik found on the street. Humanization occurred, but the experiment, alas, failed.

Instead of a good dog, an ugly, stupid and aggressive Polygraph Polygrafovich Sharikov, who inherited only bad features from his “donor”, is born. But this did not prevent him from perfectly adapting to socialist reality and even becoming the head of the subdivision of cleaning Moscow from stray animals. Sharikov turns the life of Professor Preobrazhensky and the inhabitants of his apartment into a real hell.

Incited by the chairman of the house committee, Shvonder, he writes denunciations of his “creator”, demands that he give living space, and even threatens with a revolver. The professor has no choice but to recognize the experiment as failed and return Sharikov to his original state.

The roles are performed by: M. Momot, E. Varfalameeva, S. Kulikova. P. Vasiliev, M. Zhaley, M. Dashevsky, E. Sadko, V. Melnik, M. Voitova, A. Mordovets, A. Eremin, D. Hamlet, A. Golovko

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