Dog waltz

25 November 2019, Mon. 19:00
New Ukrainian Theater Art Center Kyiv, vulytsya Mykhaylivsʹka, 24zh
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from 8.33 EUR
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About event

Someone in life is lucky and he receives everything at once, but someone ... in order to survive in this world, he constantly has to adapt. Under the family, under a loved one, under power, under friends, under fashion ... under public opinion.

Somehow a dog gets into the house of a wealthy politician-businessman. But not ordinary (the rich have their own "quirks" and "perversions"), but the Human Dog. So, an ordinary person, a young guy who pretends to be a dog to please the Master. And now all the residents of the cottage should get used to - adapt - with the rules of this strange game. After all, they are in their own way "hostages" ... "Prisoners" of circumstances, family problems, money, love, their own illusions ... And while they are forced to dance this "dog waltz", the terrible game of the Master goes further and further ... what is capable of one who has power and feels complete impunity? And how long can those who depend on him be silent?

This performance is about us. About those who surround us, about those whose actions it is safer for us not to notice, about those who lie to us every day from TV screens, about those in whose presence it is safer for us to be silent, about those on whom we depend on one or another period of life ... And about those from whom we ourselves can one day become ...

The play of the Ukrainian playwright Yuriy Vasyuk “The Dog”, on which the performance was created, in 2019 won the first place in the nomination “Dramaturgy” at the International Literary Competition “Coronation of the Word”.

The performance is Ukrainian.