15 June 2019, Sat. 18:00
Korolyov Culture House Kyiv, vulytsya Mykoly Vasylenka, 15
from 4.00 EUR
from 4.00 EUR


Dog in Kyiv - photo #1 собачка у Києві
Dog in Kyiv - photo #2 собачка у Києві афіша
Dog in Kyiv - photo #3 собачка у Києві квитки
Dog in Kyiv - photo #4 собачка у Києві на

About event

Why go to the play Doggie?

1. Modernly and frankly 21+
2. Based on real fantasies.
3. Exclusive staging. The play was written specifically for the "Dark Soffit" and has never been staged anywhere before.

What is ready for a modern young girl to keep a loved one? Where is the line of her dignity, which she in no way will overstep? And, in general, is it necessary to change in favor of a man who does not even love her?

A young woman, once met at a bar, restaurant, corporate party, with a married and held man, a colleague from a neighboring department, tries to get him in all possible ways and when nothing remains, comes up with another way. It would seem that the usual banal story that happened with almost everyone, but no. What our heroine has invented deserves attention. For the sake of her goal, she will pretend to be a doggie and thus decides to live with her lover and his wife.

Based on real fantasies.

Director: Elena Nevolko.
Playwright: Alexander Nevolko.
Cast: Elya Samarina, Daria Poleshchuk, Alexander Nevol'ko.

Duration - 2 hours and 30 minutes with intermission
In Russian
Non-normative vocabulary: Present limited
Scenes of violence: None
Erotic scenes: Present
Age: 21+