Dog in the manger

7 December 2019, Sat. 19:00
Ukrainian house Kyiv, vulytsya Khreshchatyk, 2
from 5.67 EUR
from 5.67 EUR

About event

Dog in the manger in in Kiev! We are waiting for you 2019-12-07 at 19:00 on the site of Ukrainian House, Kiev.
You can buy Dog tickets in the manger at online. And also place an order with courier delivery or pick up the order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).

Why is it worth going to the play “Dog in the Hay”?

1. KHAT actors will demonstrate a truly extraordinary reading of the classic story.
2. Spectators are waiting for an amazing performance-celebration.
3. The contrast of emotions from what you see simply cannot be compared with anything.

Kiev Classical Art Alternative Theater presents the sensational performance “Dog in the Hay”. Come and enjoy the new format and creative creativity!

The classic work will gain a new life thanks to the bold decision of great actors. Viewers will be presented with a bright lyrical comedy with a Spanish accent. And this means that everyone will have an unforgettable holiday - to the sounds of a passionate guitar, with amazing reincarnations, accompanied by fencers and energetic dancers.

An unusual setting is intended to emphasize the meaning of the quote: “not in greatness is pleasure, but in the fact that the Soul can fulfill its Hope”. The “Dog in the Hay” by Lope de Vega is without a doubt the most difficult work of the KhAA. The premiere of the performance gave the theater a lot of flattering reviews from the lips of Ukrainian and foreign critics. They were impressed by the depth and semantic load of the performance, the frantic rhythm of events and the conflicting emotions that capture the viewer while watching.

You have to add your own opinion about the performance. Believe me, you will be delighted! See you!

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