Today, dinner will not be

30 September 2018, Sun. 19:00
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Why is it worth going to the play "Today will not be dinner"?

1. The audience will conquer the unexpected combination of comedy and thriller.
2. It will be fascinating to watch how the ideas of the French director are embodied by the actors of the Ukrainian theater.
3. Spectators of the performance will feel special guests of a certain party, the scenario of which will be very unexpected.

The "Golden Gate" Theater presents an unusual performance "Today there will be no dinner." The idea of ​​the French director Jules Audrey is effectively realized on stage by talented Ukrainian actors. Do not miss!

The play will present a new version of the historical events that took place at night at the dacha of a notorious dictator. According to one of the great philosophers, history can have two repetitions: tragic and comedic. So you are waiting for the option, when history repeats itself in the form of farce. Although, there will be no historical reconstructions. And everything will turn in the most unexpected way ...

The focus is on top managers of the country, which is no longer on the map. Their stormy fun is akin to the games of carefree teenagers. But over time, this pastime becomes very dangerous and even creepy ...

A strange party played out on the stage will completely absorb attention, and you will feel all the extraordinaryness of the unique cocktail of farce and thriller.

The creator of the performance is the winner of the international contest-laboratory "Small Theater Productions".

The roles are performed by: Anna Gluhenka, Vladimir Kovbel, Andrei Polishchuk, Dmitry Oleinik, Vladislav Pisarenko.

Waiting for you!

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Today, dinner will not be

30 March 2019 19:00

, Kyiv

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