Solar Fields/Aes Dana

10 October 2020, Sat. 20:00
PC Kurenivka Kyiv, Konstantinovska 73 st.
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from 31.67 EUR
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Solar Fields/Aes Dana in Kyiv - photo #1 solar-fields-aes-dana_pk-kurenivka_040420202000_33
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About event

Legends of downtempo/psychill scene: Solar Fields (SWE) and Aes Dana (FRA) - April 4th, 20:00 at Kurenivka. First time in Kyiv, the elusive H.U.V.A. Network (EU)!

Why is it worth going to Solar Fields/Aes Dana in Kyiv?

1. H.U.V.A. Network: less than 10 performances in the last decade worldwide!
2. Solar Fields for the first time in Ukraine in 9 years
3. Aes Dana with the flawless new album “Inks”


Good news for connoisseurs of psychedelic chill, atmospheric modulations and other high-precision hardware and software delights: electronic legends Solar Fields and Aes Dana will land in the capital for an exclusive show. According to the laconic itinerary, other dates in Ukraine are not indicated, therefore - there is no alternative, presence is strongly recommended. For various reasons, in particular, the load of studio activities, ripping the musicians from their hatched orbital stations and switching them to live mode is not an easy feat. However, it is settled, the western residents will come together in a lively hypnotic action, which we will witness on April 4th.

These projects don’t require any introduction, firmly holding the status of psybient veterans. Each of them has two decades of rich history, compelling catalogs of discographies and hundreds of performances.

Behind the architectural facade of Aes Dana is Vincent Villuis, an experienced music producer, composer, sound engineer and permanent co-owner of Ultimae Records, the leading record company in terms of ambient and its psychedelic derivatives; in the past, Asura goa-chill band member and mastermind. Until the moment when Vince became interested in sampling, programming drums and got married to a computer, he quite insistently whirled in an underground cauldron of a wide spectrum of motley metal outfits. Apparently, the ways of gaining a valuable construct for further awakening in such quality are inscrutable: getting acquainted with the bass guitar, drums and vocals. With the announcement of unconditional surrender of the thrash-hardcore to the triumph of machines, the arsenal of the inquisitive Frenchman was already bursting with an assortment of musical knowledge and skills.
The secret of the rise of the Swedish multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, strong coffee lover and indivisible founder of Solar Fields, Magnus Birgersson, does not differ much.

According to the Scandinavian: "Music happened to me on my birthday." The cultural values of the family environment generated a rapid introduction of the child to the musical art. The father's house did not know the shortage of sound-reproducing instruments, and by the mid-80s, the future guru of downtempo began to cross synthesizers with a PC and compose electronic opuses. Like the French colleague, the gross approbation of talent was carried out during the period of stormy adolescence. On a rock and roll field guitars and percussion were mercilessly crushed; among other things, the positions of a keyboard player in various jazz-funk and drum and bass bands were taken. Birgerssson calls the current sounding universe of Studio Jupiter “Live Museum of Synthesis”, where along with a horde of machinery, a huge collection of instruments harmoniously adjoins; which means that at any moment, a favorite Gibson can be easily taken into one’s hands.

At the junction of decades, Aes Dana reached new evolutionary pinnacles of sound. Album “Inks” is already marked as the best in the history of the project. Magnus’s release “Ourdom” is no less successful, it is rightfully among the best of 2018. Since then, Solar Fields' discography was replenished with a rethinking of the classics in “Origin # 03”. The most striking developments of recent years and images of the past will be presented in Kyiv.

In addition to the genre proximity of the invited artists, a note of intrigue is fueled by the fact of their long-standing union, according to the no less cult-forming collaboration of the H.U.V.A. Network.

The theme of the event is supplemented by an exquisitely appropriate location: Kurenivka Palace of Culture in Kyiv (Konstantinovskaya Str. 73). The non-profit art center is ready to accept the challenge with decibels.

You can buy tickets for Solar Fields/Aes Dana at online. And also place an order with courier delivery or pick up the order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).