Alice's dream

9 June 2019, Sun. 19:00
Center of Contemporary Art "DAKH" Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska str., 136
from 12.12 EUR
from 12.12 EUR
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About event

Philosophical ironic parable by KLIM. Director - Vlad Troitsky.

Each of us has inside a place like an internal loft, a forgotten old suitcase, where dust and oblivion - it’s time to disassemble, throw away, burn or fold, remelt, etc., but we courageously turn away from this invisible internal trash, After all, he does not seem to interfere with anyone, and we have almost forgotten about him ... but he invisibly influences all the events of our life, uncontrollably, unknownly, incomprehensibly to ourselves, our choices, our affairs, our love ...

And what will happen if one day part with this attic? Let him go, realize, understand and find a place for him? What will we feel? What will change? ... Can we become freer, can we understand ourselves, can we learn to love? ... And our love from infinite suffering will finally turn into true joy ...

She was chased by a dream
Abraham Stairway to Heaven
Abraham's old fire escape
stairway to heaven
every night she climbed it dragging along
huge suitcase to heaven
with some unfathomable frenzy
last but once
up there she saw a man
he flew to meet her and smiled
while flying past snatched the suitcase from her hands
in her dream she felt sorry for the suitcase
when she talked about it she laughed ...