16 November 2019, Sat. 21:00
Porter Pub Kyiv, st. Zhilyanskaya 87 (107)
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR


About event

Why go to a SONYA KAY gig?

1. The Baptist herself Sophia Rotaru.
2. Only the best hits.
3. New songs with hits already familiar to the public.

Sonya Kay is a young and talented singer, dancer and designer. Her songs are autobiographical, they are about relationships between young people, the obstacles that arise in adolescence, the first experience and, of course, love, so the listener empathizes with each song.

Sonya Kay grew up in a creative and musical family: her father, Sergei, was the artistic director of the Cheremosh ensemble, in which her mother, Lydia Rotaru, and her sister, Aurica, sang. Sofia Rotaru is the godmother of Sonya Kay. Studied and lived in the UK for 10 years. She received her Master's Degree in Interior Design from Kingston University (London).

His solo career began with the song Rain, then White Snow. The single "Cities" (2012) became a real hit and folk song, sounded on all radio stations of Ukraine and was presented from the lounge version to four dance remixes. The same year saw the premiere of the music video and remake of the country's music channels. In the fall of 2012, at the D'Lux metropolitan complex, the singer presented a concert program and a new video work on the single "Crazy Love" in two language versions.

In 2013, the single and the video "In English" were released.

In the spring of 2015, a clip and a remake for the single and remix of "Embrace Me" appears, and in August - the video "Free".

The period from the end of 2015 and the whole of 2016 was dedicated to the creation of a brand new tropical house style project with deep house elements. The concert program and the new album are presented in two language versions - Ukrainian and English. In September 2016, Out of My Mind was presented on one of the two lingual singles, which aroused admiration from fans, positive reviews from music critics, interest in the media space and suggestions from labels.

Two more music videos from the new album will be created in the near future.

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