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16 June 2022, Thu. 20:00-22:00
Meteor Stadium Dnipro, O. Makarov Street, 27-A
from 599 ₴
from 599 ₴


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About event

Legendary "SPLIN" will perform in Dnipro at the "Meteor" stadium on June 16, 2022!

The concert will become a truly long-awaited event - the last time the group was in Dnipro back in 2013, becoming the headliner of the festival "The Best City.UA". "SPLIN" are preparing the "THE BEST" program, which will include the best songs from different albums.

Cult hits "No Exit", "Orbits Without Sugar", "Dance!" -music. At the same time, over the past 8 years, "SPLIN" released 5 albums, songs from which have not yet been heard in Dnipro in a live performance of the group. So there will be a lot of surprises.

The SPLIN concert will be held in the format of a large-scale stadium show, the venue is the Meteor stadium. The group will delight the audience with a powerful live, and the lighting and visual accompaniment will further enhance the sensation of music and vocals.

Come to the concert to sing the lines of songs that you probably know by heart:

  • “And my heart stopped, my heart stopped”;
  • "Dawn is coming, there is no way out, turn the key and fly away";
  • “She chews her Orbit without sugar, and remembers those for whom she cried”;
  • "Catch my rhythm - dance, dance, dance, dance!"

About the SPLIN group:

Rock group from St. Petersburg. The permanent leader is Alexander Vasiliev. The group was formed in 1994. The group has 14 studio albums. The music of "Splin" can be attributed to the genres: alternative rock, art-rock, pop-rock, indie-rock, electronic-rock, post-punk, post-grunge, psychedelic rock.


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