07 - 14 September 2019 19:00
Plant "Lighthouse" Kyiv, Prospect Stepan Bendery, 8.
from 116.67 EUR
from 116.67 EUR


Split in Kyiv - photo #1 SPLIT у Києві
Split in Kyiv - photo #2 SPLIT у Києві афіша
Split in Kyiv - photo #3 SPLIT у Києві квитки
Split in Kyiv - photo #4 SPLIT у Києві на concert.ua
Split in Kyiv - photo #5 SPLIT у Києві фото

About event

Do you want to play the first in Ukraine unique immersive quest "Split" only with your company, in the circle of best friends or colleagues? Here you can play with a company of 2 to 12 people!

The cost of the game for the whole team is 3500 UAH.

Choose a convenient date and test yourself for courage!

Welcome, our curious adventure seekers. Do you like to stroll through an abandoned factory in the evening? Well, your curiosity will be fully satisfied. Here, among the deserted and eerie corridors of the former energy repair shop of the Mayak plant, life seemed to stop. Vague shadows on dusty walls, strange sounds and mysterious rustles, and only a draft melodiously whistles under the ceiling. But what is that voice? It’s like someone is quietly calling you by name to an alluring, barely perceptible whisper that makes your skin frosty. Did your heart beat faster and your palms sweat with excitement? Do not be afraid, go further through the dark rooms, because your curiosity is stronger than fear ...

What is hidden in the depths of these abandoned walls, and how will your walk through the abandoned factory end? Come and find out. Everything depends only on you…

The quest was created based on the movie K. N. Shyamalan "Split". Professional actors take part in the quest. In the quest there are more than five options for the development of the plot and the ending, it all depends on the decisions and actions of the players.

Persons under the age of 18 years, persons in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, as well as pregnant women, persons with mental disorders or unstable psyche are not allowed to participate in the game.

If you refuse the game, money for the ticket is not refunded. Tip: come to the game in comfortable clothes and shoes that do not constrain your movements.

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