Organic show apocalypse. STALKER

28 November 2019, Thu. 19:30
Kyiv Planetarium Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 57/3
from 8.33 EUR
from 8.33 EUR

About event

1. Live sound of the great organ of Notre Dame de Paris - Helen Bolukh.
2. Virtuoso piano playing - Vlad Solodovnikov.
3. Full-dome 3D projection show on the largest dome in the country.

The ARTSpace art project of the Kiev Planetarium in conjunction with the Eclectic Sound Orchestra experimental orchestra presents:

Organic show apocalypse "STALKER"

Musical expedition in little known, often dangerous for human life places.

The STALKER projection show is a conduit to the atmosphere of the devastating events of human activity. The 360 full-dome 3D show transforms STALKER into a concert reflection, vividly demonstrating the natural disasters that result from mankind's human impact on the natural elements.

Organic show apocalypse "STALKER" is:

- Live sound of the great organ of Notre Dame de Paris - Elena Bolyukh.
-Virtual piano playing - Vlad Solodovnikov.
- Perceptive percussion
- Full-dome projection 3D show on the largest dome of the country.

The repertoire of the program can be called a soundtrack of man-made disasters.

The show is divided into two parts:

Part I - "ZONE"

1. Mikael Tariverdiyev. Chornobyl Symphony, Part 1 Zone.
2. Cesar Frank - Prelude, Fugue and Variations in C Minor.


3. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL - Mad Max Suite for organ, piano and percussion. Arrangement - Vlad Solodovnikov.
4. Johann Sebastian Bach - Aria from Suite No. 3 in Re Major.
5. Vyacheslav Nazarov - Spiritual music in 3 parts.

The atmosphere of the organ show "STALKER" carries an educational mission through the arts - a lesson for humanity with the purpose of rethinking the present, which gives hope for a bright future.

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