14 September 2019, Sat. 19:00
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from 4.00 EUR
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Stalkers Specific comedy in 2 acts

Director Stas Zhirkov
According to the play by Pavel Arieh “At the beginning and at the end of time”

Who has already seen "Stalker", knows how difficult it is to find the words to them. He who has already seen will never forget where the secret metro line is and where time runs in a circle, not a line. Who saw this performance knows that people live in a gray zone on their land. And that people can not shoot. The story of the forgotten, unnecessary to anyone the odd woman Frosya, the sickly mother and the silly son is heard by everyone who has a heart. This is a specific comedy where myth and reality have the same force, where radioactive humor borders on the truth of our life. The premiere of the play took place on March 18, 2015 on the stage of the Young Theater.


Irma Vitovskaya

Vitalina Bibliv

Vladislav Pisarenko

Alexey Chestnut

Production Designer Julia Zaulichny

Musical decision Olesya Stefanik, Igor Antonov

Video Ilya Pelyuk

Age limit 16+ Attention! The play uses profanity.