Stand-up in ua: Irya Prykhodko and Pasha Dedishchev

24 October 2019, Thu. 19:00
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from 8.33 EUR
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About event

Masters of "Prozharka" in the project Stand-Up in Ua!

Ira Prykhodko and Pasha Dedishchev will come to Kiev with selective jokes May 18 (19:00, House of Officers). Special guest: Felix Radish.

Stand Up in UA once again rejoices the Kiev fan of humor with high-quality stand-ups. And this time your attention to top representatives of the popular comedy show "Prozharka" on TNT. They are young, hot, and tuned to make your evening more fun than usual.

Irina Prykhodko is the most famous (and practically united) girl in the Belarusian stand-up. Her ability to joke sharply and tastefully Ira was skilfully demonstrated on the projects "Outdoor microphone" and "Prozharka" on the TV channel TNT. And this girl was bravely and courageous, and most importantly - it was ridiculously "roasted" not one star of showbiz.

And her recipe for stendap is simple: "It's not necessary to go far: simply recall life situations that make you fun or, on the contrary, annoying: that is, those in which you see the paradox. And I try to look ridiculous in many different aspects of life. But I like the jokes of my boyfriend most of all. "

Pavel Dedyshchev is a chic comedian with his unique style, a participant in the TNT projects "StandUp Show" and "Prozharka". The sense of humor in this artist is unlimited, so Pasha will be happy to share his interesting observations with pleasure. and life stories in which everyone recognizes himself and his friend.

A special guest will be the ambitious Felix Radhka, a Ukrainian stentap artist, a member of the TV projects "League of Laughs" (1 + 1), "Comic Laugh" (1 + 1) and "Comic on the Million" (ICTV).

The stand up show is a humor that does not know the limitations, and ironic monologues about yourself, surrounding reality and pressing issues that are close to all of us! In Ukraine, the stenpad is actively developing, and the new format STAND UP IN UA gives a strong impetus to this direction. It serves only the most cutting edge stencils in the entire CIS. Within the framework of the project, the Ukrainian stage of the slave star Slava Komisarenko, Vanya Usovich, Dmitry Romanov, Guram Amaryan and others have already been torn apart. Therefore, you can trust, because on May 19, only "firm" humor from Irya Prykhodko, Pavel Dedisishchev and Felix Radki awaits you. The program duration is 1.5 hours. The show program is presented in Russian. Recommended for people aged 18 and over.