Stand-Up Club # 1

26 - 27 September 2020 19:30
Hotel "Tourist" Kyiv, 2 Raisy Okipnoii St
from 8.33 EUR
from 8.33 EUR


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About event

Будь ласка, зверніть увагу:
Подію перенесено на вересень. Нова дата наразі узгоджується організатором і буде оголошена незабаром

Why is it worth going to Stand-up club # 1 in Kiev?

1. Kolya Andreev - presenter of "Women's Look"

2. Vova Bukharov - lead podcast "Bukharog Live" and author of the question about rats in the sewers

3. Concert of Kolya and Vova in one evening

Stand-up club # 1 in Kiev!

Vova Bukharov.
At the age of 9, Vova was sent to a beautiful bloody sport - so that in the 90s he would not be so bored in Chertanovo. As a result, he practiced ballroom dancing for 12 years. Despite his successes in waltz and tango, as well as his pretty appearance, he never became gay. The most beautiful comedian according to Kostya Pushkin: a girl died recently at his performance, and died - does not mean died. Divides girls into three types - by sound during sex.

One of the founders of Stand-Up Club # 1, the organizers of the stand-up movement in Moscow. He appeared on the stage of the Fringe Festival and cult American stand-up clubs. The performances of Vova Bukharova are not only funny, but also informative - a real course on sexually transmitted diseases.

Kolya Andreev is an intellectual, a refined romanticist, a philosopher with a twisted mustache and stretched moral frames. He caresses his ears with subtle clever humor: it’s funny not only from the joke itself, but also from the elegance and originality of thinking. At the same time, Kolya is a comedian not only for the elite. Even those who do not understand his jokes, he would just like to drink and talk to him, to listen to the story of how a girl cheated on him on a mattress with a memory effect.

You can endlessly look at three things: how the water flows, how the fire burns, and how Kolya Andreev smokes in the “Feminine Look”, seducing everything in its path - regardless of gender and physical embodiment. Prefers very old porn movies.

The opening comedians of the stand-up club Who:

Zhenya Evsyukov,
Cyril Zalata.

Concert in the "Theater" hall of the "Tourist" hotel; Raisy Okipnoy, 2, metro station Levoberezhnaya