“That's all, that's all”: Stand Up show by Natalya Krasnova

2 December 2019, Mon. 20:00
House of Cinema Kyiv, Saksaganskogo Street, 6
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth attending this event?

1. Jokes about sex, men and relationships from the sexiest Stand Up comedian in the CIS.
2. Offline communication with the author of the popular book "Former" and the star of Instagram and YouTube.
3. Find out who this special secret guest is on the show.

“That's all, that's all”: Stand Up show by Natalya Krasnova

On November 30, Kharkiv DS “KhPI” Instagram and YouTube star Natalya Krasnova will perform with her Stand Up show “That's all, that's all”.
Can sex be funny? Sure! If the sexiest Stand Up comedian from the CIS, Natalya Krasnova, talks about this. In her stand-ups, Natasha tells the whole truth about relationships, men, women, their endless struggle and endless stupidity. She will reveal many women's secrets: how to look at 37 at 38, tell who the perfect man is and where he disappears when you sober up, tell who you need to go on dates to then not go to the dermatologist. And of course, he will laugh with you over your problems. Natasha Krasnova is a popular comedian, screenwriter, Instagram blogger, actress. The sexiest woman in Russia according to readers of Maxim magazine, the winner of Comedy Battle on TNT, a participant in many television and Internet shows. Her book "Former" scattered over a circulation of more than two hundred thousand copies. The stand-up of Natasha Krasnova is more than just a performance, it is an interactive theater in which you are not just an observer, but rather an old friend with whom you always have something to discuss. By the way, she will not come alone. But this is a secret secret ...

Age limit 18+