STAND UP. Glory to Komissarenko

4 August 2019, Sun. 20:00
Zelenyi teatr Odessa, Shevchenko park
from 8.33 EUR
from 8.33 EUR
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About event

Why go to the Big Stand Up?

1. Resident Big Stand Up from Comedy Club Production
2. Humor that knows no limits
3. You can relax, laugh heartily and get pleasant memories

Belarusian comedian Slava Komissarenko is one of the top and sought-after stand-up artists.

Stand Up show is a humor that knows no limitations, and ironic monologues about themselves, the surrounding reality and pressing problems that are close to all of us. In Ukraine, the stand-up is actively developing, and this time some of the most famous stand-adapters in the entire CIS come.

GLORY KOMISSARENKO is one of the strongest Belarusian humorists of our time. He quickly gained popularity and became one of the main residents of the STAND UP project from Comedy Club Production. Two-meter blond often tells about his friends, acquaintances, as well as the relationship with his girlfriend. On the one hand, these numbers are similar to ordinary thoughts of an ordinary person. But this guy's keen eye and ability to look at the situation in a non-trivial way make these monologues really ridiculous.

. In preparing the programs, he sets the task not only to amuse the public, but also to discuss serious and important topics. He wants people to be funny and interesting at his performances. And you will be surprised how rich and high-quality the comic arsenal of Slava Komisarenko is.